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OnlineBookClub Review

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The following are excerpts of a review by CataclysmicKnight from

“With the re-emergence of the #MeToo movement in the video game development community, I decided to take on a book about a man who lived through sexual abuse of his own…

I’m typically reluctant to take on books with any kind of abuse because I’m so empathetic that I can’t get through reading them, but something about Tiny’s Wall called to me. While there were times when I sat with clenched teeth, imagining all of the terrible things I’d want to do to his mother and uncle, Fran did a magnificent job of exploring that abuse without it being overwhelming as a reader…

Tiny’s Wall isn’t about what happened, it’s about how those periodic, unpredictable events affected his whole life, and how Fran learned to deal with those effects. It’s a story of rising above, finding a way to forgive, and living with that abuse as a permanent part of one’s life….

Tiny’s Wall is told chronologically, so there’s no jumping around and being confused by the order of events. Fran really made me feel his concern over anyone getting to know him despite wanting to have friends and belong. See, Fran believed that if anyone ever knew him well enough, his dark secret would eventually spill out and ruin everything…”

… Tiny’s Wall is about more than just sexual abuse. It’s about alcoholism, abusive parents, feeling alone, guilt, and finding a reason to keep going through it all… I can’t bring myself to give Tiny’s Wall anything but 4 out of 4 stars.”

To see the full review, go here.

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