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Tiny's Wall

A True Story of One Man's Battle to Overcome the Shame of Childhood Sexual Abuse

 "Tiny’s Wall" is the story of an undiscovered faith and a testament to perseverance and sheds light on how wonderful the path can be when lived in healing, acceptance and forgiveness any which way you look.


"Tiny's Wall is a well-told, easy-to-follow book that's terrific for people who have been fortunate enough to never experience sexual abuse. But for those who have, it may be a much-needed beacon in the dark. Seeing Fran's journey through guilt, fear, rage, acceptance, and forgiveness is eye-opening. It's also a reminder that this happens, and that if it's happened to you, you're not alone."

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Fran Fidler grew up in the housing projects of South Boston, moving to Florida in 1986 in an attempt to escape the hidden shame and guilt of childhood sexual abuse. But Fran soon learned that there was no escape and that his past needed to be confronted. This realization put him on an arduous, ultimately triumphant process of healing. "Tiny’s Wall: A True Story of One Man’s Battle to Overcome the Shame of Childhood Sexual Abuse" is his story. A personal fitness trainer, Fran lives in Naples, Florida with his wife Gina. His son Sam graduated from Suffolk law school with his MBA in May of 2018, and recently passed the Florida Bar.


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